DSA NTX Collin County Connecting with Comrades in Brazil

At our May 26th meeting, the Collin County organizing committee of the NTX DSA Skyped in three comrades from Brazil who are members of the PSOL (Partido Socialismo e Liberdade or the Socialism and Liberty Party) to talk with us about their organizing efforts against the current proto-fascist president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. Thanks to Mr. Pedro Fuentes of the PSOL, Ms. Alice Domingues, a student organizer, and Mr. Bruno Silviano, an organizer with the teachers union.

One of the most important things we learned from our comrades in Brazil was that opposition to Bolsonaro is huge in Brazil right now. At the most recent demonstrations against Bolsonaro before our conversation (which happened around the same time as DSA NTX and other area socialists, communists, anarchists, LGBTQ people, labor, and antifascists were protesting against Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to Dallas, sponsored by Trammell Crow and other area wealthy businessmen) the Bolsonaro supporters’ mobilization was greatly outnumbered by the mobilization of Brazilians opposed to Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro’s cuts to education and the university system have caused a huge backlash. The public education programs in Brazil have, as Alice told us, allowed many people in Brazil to be the first in their families to go to university. One interesting tactic we learned about in response to the cuts was the professors and students taking classes out into the streets, so people could see what education funding is used for and share in the classes.

We asked our comrades in Brazil what we in the U.S. can do to help — the big ask right now was to boost awareness in the U.S. of the huge protests against Bolsonaro and show our solidarity. The next big protest against Bolsonaro and his cuts to education which our comrades told us about on the 26th happened yesterday on the 30th. So now we’d like to share some of the photos and videos from yesterday’s protests which our comrades passed on to us yesterday.

Solidarity with the working class and oppressed of Brazil against fascism! And our Collin County and NTX elected delegates to the DSA national convention in Georgia look forward to meeting Pedro and Bruno there in person in August!

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