DSA North Texas Joins Protests of Bolsonaro Visit

Today in Dallas, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was a special guest of the World Affairs Council. Bolsonaro was originally set to appear in New York City, but strong protests caused his plans to change and for him to come to Dallas, where he was happily welcomed by Texans like President George W. Bush and Senator Ted Cruz. Bolsonaro has consistently made anti-LGBTQ statements, including declaring that he could not love a gay son, and has made racist remarks about immigrants, indigenous Brazilians, and Afro-Brazilians. He wants to sell off the Amazon rainforest to business interests, and he’s a big believer in torture for one’s enemies. Here’s some links to learn more:

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The event was hosted at Crow Holdings, a group of various enterprises (private equity, investment, and real estate) belonging to the Crow family of Dallas. Trammell S. Crow is a famous local ecofascist who founded EarthX, the re-branded Earth Day Texas, a yearly event said to celebrate environmentalism. The event was hosted by Ray Hunt and Nancy Marcus. Ray Hunt is the son of the founder of Hunt Oil, and he’s also a big contributor to the mayoral run of Eric Johnson. Nancy Marcus is labeled as a philanthropist and has ties to SMU, KERA, The Trinity Trust, and the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. Why tell you this? Because unmasking the ways that perfectly genteel monied interests and capitalism as a system engage in propping up fascist leaders is essential for making the change we want to see.

Well over 100 people turned out to protest Bolsonaro’s visit, and a much smaller group of supporters showed up to counter protest.

We stand in total opposition not only to Jair Bolsonaro and all openly fascist leaders, but in opposition to the ways that these oppressive forces play nice within the power structure to uphold white supremacist capitalism at every level of leadership. We invite you to join us and do the same.


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