Socialism springing up everywhere!

We’ve been doing THE MOST here at DSA North Texas over the course of the spring — here’s some of what we’ve been up to!

Paid Sick Time Wins at Dallas City Council! 

After more than a year of organizing, DSA North Texas and our coalition of workers’ rights advocates succeeded in getting paid sick time to 300,000 people in our city who did not previously have this necessary protection. After many testimonies from our members and others, the resolution passed by a margin of 10-4 at Dallas City Council on April 24. This victory was seen as great step forward for workers’ rights and public health in our community.

We had little time to celebrate our hard fought victory at the city level before we had to move our struggle to the state level. Four anti-worker bills were put forth by the Texas legislature:

  • SB2485 – Prohibits local governments from requiring benefits
  • 2486 – ban local fair scheduling ordinances and would also interfere with rest break ordinances
  • 2487 – bans cities from adopting requirements for leave, paid sick days, paid holidays, vacation, and personal necessity.
  • 2488 – prohibits local fair chance hiring ordinances related to criminal history (ban the box ordinances)

Over the course of the evening of testimony, one dynamic that arose was LGBTQ people asking for explicit protection for non-discrimination ordinances to be put back into these bills.

Ultimately, the committee chose to pass SB2486 (local fair scheduling ordinances) out of committee to be sent to the full house with the NDO protections added in. The others were not taken up for a vote at this time, which was seen as a victory (although they could be voted out of committee through the 18th). People should stay alert to fight back against 2486 and the rest break ordinances we fought for. But for now, paid sick is still scheduled to go into effect in August.

Our First-Ever Candidate Forum!

Our first Electoral Candidate Meet and Greet was a resounding success. DeDe Alexander from District 10, Devante Peters and  Brittanica Scott from District 3, Asa Woodberry from District 4 and Curtis Harris from District 11 all joined us to speak about their campaigns, and what they believed the most important issues in Dallas are, which had to do with education, police accountability, community development and class equity. They responded to dozens of thoughtful questions from our membership, listening intently to our concerns and perspective. All five candidates signed onto our political platform, along with a couple of others who couldn’t make it, promising to take the ideals of Democratic Socialism to our city council. Though they all had very impassioned and active campaigns, unfortunately they all lost their prospective campaigns for city council.

This is our first full engagement as a chapter with an election, and we saw quite a few of our members volunteering by hosting fundraisers, phone banking and block walking for candidates. Block walking especially takes a lot of effort, and even a little bravery, but it definitely feels good to get out and speak to people, engaging in your community because you’d like to see a positive outcome.

With our current runoff, we’ll still be volunteering, and we’ve organized a coalition to continue to put the pressure on our city in order to get the best council members and mayor we can. I hope to see you all out there on the streets!

Police Oversight Finally Comes to a Vote — and Wins! 

For more than a year, DSA NTX has been working with a coalition of over 30 local and state organizations to create a Civilian Police Oversight Board in place of our powerless and ineffectual Citizens Police Review Board. The proposal would give the oversight board more authority and power to step in in instances of police misconduct and brutality. We worked directly with DPD Chief Hall to come to agreement over a plan, and on April 24th the Dallas City Council finally voted on the proposal, and it passed! Our racial justice working group in particular was instrumental in the organizing to make this happen!


We don’t just want bread, we want roses, and to that end in May we hosted our first-ever Prommunism event. We had a DJ and photobooth and dancing and snacks. Check out the pics!


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