North Texas Medicare For All Committee Open Letter

North Texas Medicare For All Committee Open Letter

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Medicare for All, which is currently under consideration in the U.S. House as H.R.676, is an immensely popular policy measure that removes power from ineffective, unaccountable insurance companies and provides all medically necessary care for all Americans as a free-at-the-point-of-service human right.

DSA North Texas, in association with a coalition of groups in North Texas, wants to ensure our local congressional representatives understand Medicare for All’s importance to their constituents and the life-changing potential of a healthcare system organized around people, not profits.

The following letter will be delivered to the offices of our three North Texas Democratic representatives (Colin Allred, Eddie Bernice Johnson, and Marc Veasey), along with an invitation to attend a town hall planned around highlighting the inhumanity of the current system and the clear benefits of Medicare for All.

Please add your name to the letter and join us in stating clearly that the profit-driven status quo is unacceptable and that you fully expect your representatives to vote in support of Medicare for All.

The North Texas Medicare For All Committee, a coalition of local organizations, urge you to support an affirmative vote for Medicare for All this year. We believe that single payer is the only option that will provide universal coverage and contain the skyrocketing healthcare costs stemming from our current, profit-driven system.

The United States is the only major industrialized nation that does not have a form of single payer healthcare, and the majority of Americans and physicians support a national health insurance program like improved Medicare for everyone, or Medicare For All. If you have not already, we ask you to be bold and sign on as a co-sponsor of The United States National Health Care Act, or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act (H.R. 676).

We would also like to invite you and your staff to an upcoming Medicare For All Town Hall in Dallas, held during the second week of February. Our town hall will center the voices of people who have been negatively impacted by the for-profit healthcare system and those working to replace it with a humane alternative.

By voting in favor of Medicare for All, you would be among the leaders who ushered in a new era of moral and economically beneficial healthcare delivery and met the single most important demand of working class Americans today.

We will be watching with optimistic anticipation to see your support for Medicare for All’s passage when the vote does come.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

North Texas Medicare For All Committee

Democratic Socialists of America North Texas
North Texas Dream Team
Young Active Labor Leaders
Texas New Era Center
Texas Equal Access Fund
Stonewall Democrats of Dallas
Tarrant County AFL-CIO
National Nurses Organizing Committee – Texas
Transgender Pride of Dallas
QueerBomb Dallas
Our Revolution North Texas
Now We Revolution
Afiya Center
Rebirth Equity

Riley Davis, DSA North Texas
Justin Chen, DSA NTX
Ron Unger, Veterans for Peace
Josef Velten, DSA
Lizzie Maldonado, DSAFW
Sal Villarreal
Michael Gonzales, DSA North Texas
Joe Posada-Triana, North Texas Dream Team
Molly Beyer, DSA, TSEU
Jacob Ducote
Andrew Byk
Josh Crabtree, DSA NTX
Judith Juhl
Alexander Burns
Heather Allen, DSA
Sean Kirkpatrick, DSA NTX
Joel Constantine, DSA NTX
Adam Bull, DSA North Texas
Nan Kirkpatrick, DSA NTX
Chandler Grace, IBEW local 20
Janet Martinez, North Texas Dream Team
Betty Constantine
Maria Garcia
Darryl Sullivan, Teamster 745
Kristian Hernandez, DSA North Texas
Dana Billingsley
Yessica Hernandez, North Texas Dream Team
Nora Soto
Bryce Perry
Elizabeth RUNNION
Cristian Cortes
Emilia Thompson, Democrat
Brad Sanders, DSA North Texas
Karla Pineda
Lindsey Robertson
Raja Ayyad
Angela Faz
Mary Ann Knight, DSA Fort Worth
Martin Bate
Jerri Palmer
Corrie Pocta, DSA North Texas
Joshua Hall
Dustin Money
Bellami Benigno
Janet Aguirre
G Fields
Gloria Herrera
Padraic Gillespie, DSA NTX
Genesis Robledo, DSA
Quinn Martindale, DSA-North Texas
Leslie Gavin, Democrat
Aryn Dalton
Claire Smith, Esq.
Joshua Dreis-Ornelas
Stuart Chilton
Oscar Romero, DSA North Texas
Sandra Gallegos
Lewis Jo
Richard Guldi
Jeremy Bennett
Joy Vidheecharoen, RPh
Jeremy Moore
Leala Rosen
Jesse Hughey
Otieno Stanford-Asiyo
Shelly Minter
Aparna Kumar
Katherine Wei
Clarissa Rodriguez
jamie gray, DSA
Timothy Albee
Sky Allred, DSA FW
Sean French
Tristan Seikel
Ryan Haney, Teamsters Local 745
Veronica Cordonnier
Tony Harper, Human
Valerie Davis, DSA North Texas
Lisa Parrish
Tyler Davis, Friend
Heather Chelf
Rita Wasson
Darren Nevares, TxST YDSA
Amy McCarthy
Jesseca Bagherpour
Jake Schrock
Emily Reed
Bethany Germany
Elizabeth Perini
Gabriel Mendoza
Kelly Harrington
Caitlyn Silhan
Thomas McKean
Fred Holston
Mandalay Trudeau
Vicki Jinks
Linda McDonald
Jessica Edeker
Nicholas Erber, DSA North Texas
Sean Kaenel
Brent Frishman, Human
Kellye Andrews
Kristin Swenson
Ryan Becker
Amanda Tipps
Michael Briggs
Chris Northrup
Brett Cervantes
Ryan Leach, DSA NTX
Michelle Smith
Katherine Ross, Marxist feminist
Travis Cantwell, UA Plumbers #100
Apryl Pittman, DSA NTX
Kelsey Savage, DSA NTX
Dick Reavis, DSA
Nirav Sanghani
Alex Plese
Wyatt Gray, YALL/TWU local 513
Jennifer Zandstra
Taylor Crisler
Nicholas Graves
Connor Endicott, DSA North Texas
Cortney Phifer, Democrat
Mike Holtz, Young Active Labor Leaders, Alliance-AFT
Samantha Urban Wittrock, AFT, AFL-CIO
Nic Valenti
Carly Davis
Andrew Kirk, Alliance/AFT
Bobbie Martinez, CWA 6215
Alex Telecky, DSA NTX, Solidarity
Robyn Kirk
Joy Matsui
George Cuba
Kyle Reynolds
Scott Rivers
Deana Ayers
Richard McGuckin, DSA NTX
Zachary Powell
Taven Ulrich
Nicholas Campbell
Ishmael Johnson
Deborah Beltran, DSA
Crystal Lane King, DSA North Texas
Perla Sandoval, DSA
Lauren Williamson
Dean Terrell, DSA North Texas
Mark Vdovychenko
Scott Hunsaker, IBEW Local 220
Philip Lynch, CWA/TSEU
Julio Acosta, DFW Leaders
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