The name of the local shall be the Democratic Socialists of America – North Texas (DSA-North Texas).

ARTICLE II. DSA-North Texas Strategy:

As Democratic Socialists, we believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. We envision a society based on racial and gender equality and a fair distribution of resources.

DSA-North Texas strategy is to unite all democratic socialists into DSA. There are hundreds of democratic socialist sympathizers that live in the DFW area. Our goal is to actively ask them to join DSA so that DSA-North Texas is not a small group that believes in an idea, but a large organization that can affect the work for social and economic justice. DSA-North Texas agrees with the national DSA in supporting the movements for workers’ rights, civil rights, environmental rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, and the rights of people with disabilities. We encourage our members to actively support and participate in the work of their labor unions and advocacy groups on those issues. DSA sees our member’s efforts in these organizations as the direct work of democratic socialists.

America needs a strong labor movement and a strong left to win social justice. DSA-North Texas is committed to working on the above mentioned issues and supporting the efforts of labor unions in our area.

DSA thinks that justice for the people of the U.S. is directly Iinked to justice for people throughout the world. DSA will look for ways to take on international issues like the fight against the Trans Pacific Partnership and other not so free trade schemes.

We choose to build a democratic socialist organization that can fight for a fair and just economic and political system. We recognize the need to overcome divisions of race, gender and class in order to confront economic and social injustice. With gross inequalities of wealth and power, and so many facing the pain inflicted by a capitalist system, we choose to fight for a socialist alternative. We are the North Texas Democratic Socialists of America.

  1. We will hold monthly meetings advertised and open to members and supporters. Non-members who attend will be asked to join.
  2. Organizing co-chairs will be elected on an annual basis in November for a one year term. The co-chairs will be responsible for making day-to-day decisions and overseeing DSA-North Texas’ growth.
  3. DSA-North Texas committees work on issues every day in their various left issue groups. When an issue arises that our DSA members feel strongly about, a committee of volunteer DSA members will work on the issues. The DSA-North Texas co-chairs will coordinate with the issue committee co-chairs on the work. DSA-North Texas will form committees organically that reflect membership interests and avoid pro-forma committees.


ARTICLE III. Membership:

Section 1. Membership

Members of the DSA-North Texas Local will be those individuals whose dues to national DSA are paid in full and who reside and/or work in the North Texas area. lt will be the responsibility of members to approve policies and guidelines for the operation of the DSA-North Texas, to elect delegates to the national convention, to vote on matters related to national policy, and to make recommendations on issues and other matters to the National Political Committee of DSA.

Section 2. Dues

The Local chapters may establish a Local pledge system of voluntary donations for its members.


ARTICLE IV. Local Meetings:

Section 1. General Meetings

The DSA-North Texas will hold monthly meetings every month if at all possible.

ARTICLE V. Local Officers – Powers and Duties:

Section 1. Officers and Terms

The officers of the DSA-North Texas Local will be three (3) co-chairs elected every November.

Section 2. The Co-Chairs

  1. The Co-chairs will be the executive officers of DSA-North Texas. They will preside over DSA-North Texas meetings. The Chairs will be the official public spokesperson for DSA-North Texas and will initiate such actions and policies as the DSA-North Texas general welfare may demand.
  2. The Co-Chairs will be responsible for coordinating the day-to-day operations and political work of the Local’s committees.
  3. The Co-Chairs will be responsible for answering all correspondence and queries of the Local and for maintaining an up-to-date membership list of the Local. The Co-chairs will ensure effective communication with the national DSA.
  4. The Co-Chairs will take up collections from members as needed for expenses.

ARTICLE VI. Committees:

Section 1. Duration

The Local will have Committees when needed. The Committees will have co-chairs appointed by the Chapter Co-Chairs and then approved or replaced by committee members.

ARTICLE VII. Delegates to National, Regional, and State Conventions:

Section 1. Convention

Local delegates and alternates to the National Conventions will be elected by full members of the local chapters of DSA. Elections for the National Convention delegation shall be held on the schedule announce by the National organization.

ARTICLE VIII. Prohibited Activity:

The DSA-North Texas shall not engage in any activity prohibited by resolutions and adopted by DSA’s National Convention or DSA’s National Political Committee.

ARTICLE IX. Nominations:

Section 1. Nominations Committee

A three-person Nominations Committee shall be established at least one month prior to every election by vote at a Regular Meeting. It shall solicit and receive nominations for the positions to be elected.

Section 2. Nominations Process

Nominations for Co-Chairs and delegates to the National Convention shall be opened one month in advance of the election. Nominations can be taken up to the election including the election meeting.  All members attending the November meeting will have only one vote for each Co-Chair position. There shall be no proxy votes or bullet votes permitted.


ARTICLE X.  Amendments:

Proposed amendments to these Bylaws must be made by written resolution, endorsed by five members of DSA-North Texas and submitted to the Co-Chairs a month in advance of a regular meeting.  Members will receive notice of any proposed changes.


ARTICLE XI. Rules of the Local:

Section 1. Rules

DSA will run on majority rule and with an opportunity for minority opinions to be heard. Members in good standing who attend a meeting can vote. There shall be no proxy votes or bullet votes permitted.


ARTICLE XII. Jurisdiction:

The DSA-North Texas chapter shall encompass Denton, Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, Johnson, Ellis, Hill, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, Cook, Parker, and Rockwall counties. DSA-North Texas will continue to accept members from the aforementioned counties until, at which time, DSA members can form a DSA Organizing Committee and form their own chapter.